I am worried about leaving strikeouts and/or errors on the channel, is it ok to delete them?

Player/parent perspective:

I don’t want people to see strikeouts and/or errors.

Recruiters perspective:

Every recruiter knows players strikeout and commit errors. 

Coaching perspective:

There is just as much, if not more, to be learned from an unproductive at-bat or error, as opposed to a productive play. These are great teaching and analysis moments.  

tagups perspective:

At some point in time, every player has fallen short on the field, in some form or fashion. 

We have built tagup to be flexible, based on the needs of multiple different user types.  

All tagged up plays, captured on the team’s account, will automatically be added to the corresponding player accounts.  If you want to remove that at-bat from your channel, you can. Simply click the ‘Unlink’ icon, and the play will no longer be visible on your channel.  

It is important to understand that while un-linking a play on your channel will remove it, recruiters can still watch the complete game on the team’s channel if they choose.  

For users who only record their player’s at-bat, by clicking the record 'Individual At Bat,  the situation is a little different. As the person who records the video, you are the owner of that video.  If you 'hover' the video, you will see a 'pencil' and a 'garbage' icon.  

Though you may feel deleting a play that you are not happy with is in your best interest, be aware that this action does not promote the spirit of tagup and its social, community, and sharing aspect.

For example; If your player doesn’t reach base, and you delete it, but the shortstop on the other team made an amazing play, you have taken away an opportunity for exposure from this player.  

Why should you care?  Next time, that amazing play on defense could have been you or your player.  Unlike a team channel, when you record directly to a player’s channel, that is the only copy of the video, so, just keep this in mind.

tagup was created to be a positive online platform, where players can not only garner more exposure but grow as players. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where players are not worried about posting bad plays, because these moments could benefit others, and in the bigger picture, eventually display how much they have grown. It is up to the players and parents to set this standard, but we also understand that it is ultimately up to each individual to decide what they are comfortable posting.

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