Video Privacy Settings

If you are the 'owner' of a video, you will also have access to control the 'Privacy' settings of the video. The owner of the play is determined by who captured the video.  If if was you, you have complete control over the content. 

Hover the video, and you will see two additional icons, a 'pencil' and a 'garbage can'.

You may also select 'Custom', which will ONLY allow certain types of users view your content. 

tagup was created to be a positive online platform, where players can not only garner more exposure but grow as players. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where players are not worried about posting bad plays, because these moments could benefit others, and in the bigger picture, eventually display how much they have grown. It is up to the players and parents to set this standard, but we also understand that it is ultimately up to each individual to decide what they are comfortable posting.

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