What is tagupChannel?

Your Very Own Channel to showcase your talents. Highly customizable view by, Videos - Playlists - Games - Favorites - Discussions.

Channel your Inner All-Star

Displaying your Development, Dedication, and Dominance

This is your show, so we thought it was only right to give you your own channel. All of your videos uploaded through tagupCam are synced directly to your channel giving you the ability to completely control how your footage is presented.Turn any combination of your clips into a playlist to create a unique and effective viewing experience.Your channel is equipped with easily adjustable privacy settings, so your audience only sees what you want them to.


Videos:  All media captured will be on your videos tab. 

tagupPlays:  This includes all your plays as well, but, we have added a filter to allow you to view your plays based on whether they have been tagged up or not.  This way, it makes it easy to see which ones you have not tagged up yet.

Playlists:  Here you will find all the playlists that  you have made.  This is where you will view, and edit your playlists.  

Discussion:  A place to have a general discussion about whatever you like.  

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