What is tagupSpotlight?

First impressions are everything. With tagupSpotlight, you can 'pin' any video to your channel so it's the first thing people see.

Make the First Play they Watch the Perfect One

Turning First-Time Viewers into Fans

You know that one play; The play when the combination of precision, awareness, athleticism and maybe a little bit of luck collide, resulting in a moment of athletic perfection. tagupSpotlight provides the perfect place for such a moment at the top of your channel, to let the viewers know right off that bat what they are in for. Take advantage of the tagupSpotlight to get your best play the attention it deserves.


Clicking the 'play' button, on the background image of your channel, will open your tagupSpotlight video.  

This is the first video users will see when they visit your channel.  We have also included a message from you and your pertinent information.  Users may also click the 'learn more' button, which will take them to your complete profile. 

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